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Country Road Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy


In 2010, we commenced work with Country Road. We were asked to strengthen the position of Country Road with international competitors about to enter the local marketplace – to reconsider the brand while appealing to a new Country Road customer without ostracising the existing customers. 


Our strategy for Country Road was to capitalise on the heritage and equity Country Road had with the Australian market and reinvent the core values that are unique to this iconic brand by interpreting them in a modern and fresh way.

By creating the brand platform ‘Woman Man Child Home’, we positioned Country Road as a lifestyle store, crossing all categories while having a strong aesthetic point of view. We offered an Australian way of life which repositioned the brand as a unique retail icon.

The customer-facing tagline ‘Live With Us’ brought into focus Country Road’s Home and Kids collections and became key in the way the brand was conceived by the public and also internally.


The new brand platform launched with a brand campaign and digital offering and sales were significantly up on budgets from previous years. The premise also started positive growth plans for the business, expanding into new categories – activewear, jewellery and others in planning.

An additional piece of strategic thinking created the Live With Us blog, an editorial manifestation of the brand’s values, along with a raft of other editorial content and a motion strategy covering tiers of motion, from campaign films to How to Wear informative film pieces.

By presenting Country Road as an Australian way of life, not just a fashion brand, Country Road’s unique position in the marketplace was reinvigorated and redefined amongst an influx of international brands.