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Dotti Brand Strategy


We have worked closely with Dotti for seven years now across brand and digital strategy, and fortnightly campaigns. Dotti came to us without a Brand Strategy and, in the lead up to a new digital platform, we were asked to help work with them to define the brand and also write the strategy for and launch the new platform.


Having looked at the marketplace and defined the customer, we found a unique space for Dotti, introducing the brand as ‘a Fashion Democracy’. At the time, social media was in its infancy, but we identified that the Dotti customer was about to be riding this wave. We positioned Dotti as the brand that engaged in two-way conversation with their customers – a social brand – very fashion forward for the time. 


Over our seven years with Dotti, we continue to evolve it through brand, seasonal, social and visual merchandise strategy as well as countless campaigns. With the imagery changing each fortnight, we are charged with keeping the brand relevant, ahead of the pack, engaging and on trend. Sales have increased every year since we started, with AW15 being the best season the brand hashad. Online sales surpassed anyone’s expectations as well as social media engagement. We have worked closely with the team to create a unique voice and strong aesthetic in a crowded market. The connectivity of the brand has grown the Dotti database – Dotti Nation– to hundreds of thousands. The success of Dotti Nation and a strong brand platform, as well as the Dotti teams great eye for product, has been the foundation for the success of this brand.