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Trenery Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy


In 2009 we were engaged to launch Trenery, the new sister of Country Road. Starting from scratch was both exciting and daunting as the brand didn’t yet have a position in the market or a visual style. 


With the launch of the brand campaign, we created a sophisticated and modern look and feel for Trenery. We created a unique tone of voice centering language around quality craftsmanship and modern luxury. This language was built up alongside the visual representation of the brand through our campaign work. High production campaigns using international teams and talent set Trenery aside from competitive brands and set the bar for years to come.


We worked with Trenery on campaign and content planning, strategy and content creation over six years. growing the brand from launch. Through consistently strong campaigns and film production, we partnered with Trenery to help grow the brand to almost 100 stores in Australia, NZ and South Africa. The brand now owns a solid niche in the market and maintains a unique and strong take on everyday luxury.