A creative collaboration

Our client, Laminex, believes in making good design accessible to all Australians. We discussed how we could take laminate, a humble and ubiquitous surface, and show it in a new and design-led way. These conversations led us to the idea that collaboration with leading architects could really flex the product – show its beauty, functionality and design flexibility.

Photography by Derek Swalwell

Styling by Natalie James

Our existing relationship with Kennedy Nolan made the respected architectural practice our perfect choice for this collaboration – we knew they would understand what we wanted to achieve, understand the brand and also our vision for the campaign. Laminex is an iconic, Australian manufacturer and heritage brand. We wanted the spaces and the campaign to capture a uniquely Australian feel.

Working closely with Kennedy Nolan and Laminex, we briefed in the three spaces – a large, expansive kitchen; a compact apartment kitchen and a commercial workspace. Kennedy Nolan has a philosophy of highly individual designs that respond specifically to the context and the client. In this case, they responded to the laminate – pushed its boundaries and elevated an everyday product into a piece of design in every space.

These spaces by Laminex x Kennedy Nolan will inspire architects and homeowners, and fulfil our intention that by collaborating with leading architects we can show laminates by Laminex in a whole new and exciting light.

The campaign launched with the Kennedy Nolan Expansive Kitchen on The Design Files, including a film made by Sirap, and then across print and digital media from August 2020 to 2021.