A fashion directory for modern Australia

Photography by Tracey Lee Hayes

Realising a vision of modern Australian fashion

Founded by stylist, Sophie Barker and publicist, Annie Carroll, Homeroom is a directory including 300+ of the best ethical and responsible Australian fashion labels. With the strong held belief that fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression, Ortolan was engaged to create elevated website imagery that celebrated just that.

Including gender neutral, sizes 16+, adaptive clothing, First Nation’s designers and emerging labels, we worked closely with Homeroom in pre-production, refining the shoot concept, finalising looks, set design, lighting, casting and briefing hair and make-up in line with their vision and values. Imagery was created for the home page, journal and landing pages — descriptive, inclusive and expressive — always working to elevate the edited selection of Australian labels that would be represented.

Hair and Makeup by Kylie O'Toole