Prime Athletica

A fitness studio breaking the mould.

The Brief

As a start up in a competitive industry, Prime Athletica wanted to position themselves as a gym for people who ‘aren’t really into the gym’. The identity needed to feel positive, welcoming and fresh to align with the values of the fitness studio.

All about personality

The communication strategy and branding for Prime were designed to break down barriers of feeling intimidated by gym-junkies, put-off by ugly, smelly interiors and being unfamiliar
with the fitness ‘scene’. The identity needed to communicate an enthusiasm for fitness and a commitment to health, without letting that focus take the fun out it.

The Logo

The logo, with its own in-built exclamation mark, was crafted to balance the approachability, confidence and energy of the brand. This symbol becomes part of the extended graphic palette —easily applied to interiors and merchandise for a continually fresh yet consistent look and feel across all touchpoints.

Language & Tone of Voice

Brand messaging needed to be informative and knowledge-based, but delivered in a down-to-earth and relatable way. A tone of voice was developed to be fun, friendly, straight forward and positive, with a playful streak that makes it highly accessible to a range of audiences (no fitness jargon).