A joyful gelato identity

Nuvoletta is the creation of pastry chef Vera Teodori and gelato chef Alex Toretto. After many years in the industry, this sweet-toothed duo decided to open their own artisanal Italian gelatria. Their idea was to celebrate the pure joy and magic of gelato with a brand that was both grown up and playful, welcoming gelato-lovers one and all.

A mix of typographic, illustrative and photographic content used across social media.

We recognised the key to success in Melbourne’s competitive gelato world would be cut-through — a characterful logo, unique colour palette and an easily recognisable graphic tool-kit, flexible enough to work across a range of signage, packaging formats, and environments, supporting their successful expansion into different locations.

Along with designing a range of illustrations, we developed customised a typeface for Nuvoletta’s logo, referencing distinct character forms found in 1970s Italian typography. The colour palette was also developed for maximum cut-through — a pastel base palette with contrasting deep tones inspired by burnt caramel and blood orange.