A masterclass in colour & texture

Our third collaboration campaign with Laminex was with our good friends Studio Doherty. Following the success of collaborations with Kennedy Nolan and YSG Studio, Studio Doherty were tasked with reimagining the Laminex Colour Collection decors — unique neutrals, bold colour and texture, innovative form and functionality, designed for modern Australian living.

Lending our strategic guidance, creative direction, design, production and art direction skills to these campaigns continues to be one of the most fulfilling projects in our studio. We are so proud that our work has been pivotal in repositioning laminate as a contemporary, relevant, desirable material, rather than a budget-driven compromise.

Motion by SIRAP

Photographer Derek Swalwell

A distinctive graphic colour block graphic system was used across the campaign creating standouts assets across print, digital and social.

Styling by Natalie James