Championing women’s health

The Brand

Moode is a new brand that empowers postpartum women to reprioritise their health. As experts in this space, Moode creates both content and vitamin supplements focusing on postpartum recovery. The products address common concerns experienced by women who have given birth.

The Approachable Expert

The brief was to create a brand that felt like a good friend – wise, honest, good with advice, and a great sense of fun. Moode’s personality is a careful balance between being bold and confident, warm and accessible, and most importantly informed and knowledgeable.

The Design

The concept behind the Moode identity was to create a flexible brand that was recognisable and unique in its sense of fun. A palette of rounded graphic elements was created based on the m in the logotype representing the changing bodies and bumps of pregnancy and the moods that go with that. Combined with simple strong typography and a distinctive colour palette, unexpected combinations combine to create an energy, warmth and honesty.