A fashion democracy

Ortolan has worked closely with Dotti for over eleven years across brand, digital and fortnightly window campaigns. Dotti initially came to us without a brand strategy, and engaged our services to define the brand and write a strategy for the launch a new digital platform for online shopping.

In analysing the fast-fashion landscape and defining their customer, we found a unique space for Dotti. Social media was in its infancy at the time, yet we identified that the Dotti shopper was going to ride this wave. The new brand positioning as ‘a Fashion Democracy’ tagged Dotti as social brand, engaging in a two-way dialogue with its audience — a truly progressive strategy for its time.

We’ve continued working closely with the Dotti team to maintain their unique voice and strong aesthetic in a crowded market. Ortolan is charged with keeping the brand relevant, engaging and on-trend through fortnightly campaigns and brand, seasonal, social and merchandising strategies.

The connectivity of the brand has grown the online ‘Dotti Nation’ database to hundreds of thousands. Coupled with the longevity of our brand platform and the Dotti teams great eye
for product, this has been the foundation for their success, with online sales and social
engagement surpassing all expectations.

With our long-term partnership has come great trust and a broadening of our requirements.
We consistently assist the business in finding solutions that are equally logistic as they are creative. We work with the Just Group to cost effectively create high-quality content that aligns across all channels, always delivering a clear and consistent brand message.

‘Ortolan has been integral in developing the Dotti brand position and defining a clear tone of voice, positioning Dotti as The Fashion Democracy. Their unique skill set across brand strategy, creative direction, typography and bespoke illustrations lead by a team of innovative and creative thinkers has enabled the Dotti brand to grow and flourish and remain differentiated in a very cluttered market. We continue to enjoy a successful and long-term relationship with Ortolan and look forward to building on the success of all previous outcomes.’

Natalie Flegg
Deputy General Manager, Marketing, Just Group Limited