Strong verbal identity for viral content-creators

Enthral were a content marketing agency looking for a complete rebrand and clarity on their positioning. After a workshop with the team to distill who they are and how they work, we understood that their major strength was in quickly turning content, into viral content.

Enthral’s new branding centres around a strong verbal identity. We wrote a series of phrases that expressed visceral viewer reactions to engaging content. Using colloquialisms that are inherently part of online vernacular, we positioned Enthral as ‘finger-on-the-pulse’ content creators — quick, confident and playful.

‘We were recommended Ortolan for the rebrand of our content marketing agency, Enthral. They immediately understood who we were and what we stood for; and they exceeded our expectations in every way possible. The result was kick-ass branding that makes me proud every time I see it on our work, on our office and on our stationery.’

Cameron Smith