Good things come in small packages

Brand Refresh

In 2018, Marquise under went a brand refresh to modernise the visual identity and define new product categories. We implemented a new colour coded system for easy navigation across product categories.


As a trusted baby brand, we also saw the opportunity to position Marquise as the go-to baby brand for gifting. We created a mix and match packaging system with a palette of patterns and colours so that the packaging became a beautiful part of the gift. It also created conversation and personalised the experience of choosing the gift in store.

Online and Retail Space

After years as a wholesale business, we guided the launch of the Marquise online store, paving the way for the brand to become a retail business. The success of online gave Marquise the confidence to branch into a bricks and mortar retail space. Opening in Malvern Central in 2019, Ortolan was instrumental in briefing the concept for the store, appointing designers, shop fitters and visual merchandise teams, ensuring the brand values were upheld and a smooth process to get to launch.

Flagship store designed by Doherty Design