Jaggad x The Australian Ballet

As a major sponsoring partner, Jaggad collaborated with The Australian Ballet dancers to create an exclusive activewear collection designed for contemporary movement in all forms — from dance, through to Barre, Pilates and beyond. Ortolan was engaged to collaborate on the launch campaign, to use the dancers to bring focus to the range in a way that customers could connect with. The brief also dictated the expression of Jaggad’s commitment to women’s empowerment, vitality and creativity, and The Ballet’s definition of athleticism, strength and beauty, with a sophisticated, modern and minimal approach.

Photography by Simon Eeles

The concept was based on synchronicity of form, colour and composition – performative movement that was inspiring, aspirational and also recognisable in dance-adjacent exercises, like yoga and Pilates. The outcome conveys the values of both brands and their common qualities, the intention of the designers, and the expression of the dancers. It was our privilege to work alongside photographer Simon Eels, choreographer Kirsty Welch, dancers of the Australian Ballet, and Jaggad to bring this campaign to life.

Hair and Make-up by Julie Provis and Claire Leighton