Meticulously updating an established retail brand

One of Australia’s most successful retailers, Kookaï came to Ortolan with an identity that required
refinement and modernisation. Maintaining brand recognition in their retail packaging was key,
but the visual identity felt dated. Our design team guided a delicate shift in the primary brand palette and refinement of the logotype, which would elevate the perception of the brand while retaining equity and high recognition among consumers.

Ortolan also commissioned a bespoke marble print that would become part of the Kookaï visual language. Designed to bring an overt sense of luxury in the brand, this was used across packaging and print collateral, and followed through to interior design. A monochromatic labelling and swing-tag system was also created to delineate the core and leather ranges in-store.

Following the brand refresh, Ortolan was also engaged to design a new digital platform for both Australia and the USA. We rewrote the Kookaï content strategy for a new-look commerce site with a strong editorial feel. Instagram is a huge part of the business, so this became shoppable along with a ‘Shop the Runway’ feature. All content is designed to be multipurpose and utilised cross several channels to maximise impact.