A new image for laminate

Laminex is an iconic Australian brand specialising in decorative surfaces, laminates and engineered stone. We undertook a repositioning project for the brand, a large part of which the solution was to move away from using computer rendered imagery, and establish an ownable look and feel across photography. Laminex needed to be seen in the context of architecture and interior design, reflecting a modern Australian lifestyle.

With new art direction guidelines in place, we continue to build a photographic image library for Laminex — beautifully styled, liveable interiors that bring the outdoors in with floods of natural light. These images position Laminex as integral to modern design for life — achievable on any budget, reinforcing the brand’s philosophy of design accessibility to all Australians.

Interiors and set builds — photography by Derek Swalwell, styling by Natalie James.

The new imagery has repositioned Laminex completely — from being perceived as a trade focused product to a fixture in the world of interior design and architecture. The images have been so well received by industry and have featured across numerous design blogs and publications.

Walk in robe and bathroom — photography by Eve Wilson.

Documenting the details

As well as photographing interiors, Ortolan was tasked with creating a suite of imagery
centred around detail — laminates shown up-close, with a hint of real-life application.
We captured solid colours, woodgrains and mineral surfaces with minimal, tightly-themed
styling. This suggestion of end-use injected the lifestyle element that Laminex were after,
without pulling focus from the key attributes of each surface.

Laminex surfaces — photography by Scott Newett, styling by Nat Turnbull.

The Laminex 12 Styles

In response to a customer research piece, Laminex defined 12 interior styles that could serve as inspiration to overwhelmed customers who were starting the renovation journey. We visualised a series of abstract compositions of the raw materials dictated by each style. These images were used across a range of communications — including an online quiz and print material in the
Sydney showroom — with great success.