Made for Australia

Following the success of our ‘Innovations’ campaign in 2022, Luxaflex re-engaged to Ortolan to bring their ‘Australian Made’ and ‘Energy Efficient’ campaigns to life in 2023. A key challenge this time would be to capture both campaigns at one location, while ensuring differentiation between the two outcomes. The first campaign to launch celebrated the brand’s certified Australian-made products — made in Australia for Australian conditions.

Motion by SIRAP

Representing their ideal version of idyllic, Australian living, was key to making an emotional connection with defined audiences, and instantly positioned Luxaflex as an integrated part of that world. Each moment was designed to frame our unique natural environment through the beautifully dressed windows of a modern beachside home, with natural textures and tones, and elevated architectural language.

Photography Eve Wilson

The ‘Energy Efficient’ campaign required a different approach. As a largely educational piece, our role was to simplify and communicate a set of compelling statistics. We engaged long-standing Luxaflex ambassador and interior expert Neale Whitaker to bring this message to audiences, aided by simple, refined info-graphics to visually communicate concepts of efficiency and potential cost saving.

Each campaign aired across TV, digital channels and in print.

Styling Laura James