Moderninsing a cult cycling brand

Thirteen years after the brand’s inception, the Pedla creative team recognised that their identity needed an update, and that after years of organic evolution, their graphic language some more robust guidelines. We recognised the need to solve the problem at the source, with a defined brand strategy and identity guidelines to bring a clear vision and unity to all communications.

Image by Tim Harris

A meticulous approach

Ortolan facilitated a series of workshops and discussions to first define Pedla’s unique position in the cycling world and how that should be expressed though their identity, language and art direction style.

An intense discovery phase lent understanding around the culture and goals of the brand. This led to a refined strategic piece and an audit of all communications and branded apparel. The result was a sensitive evolution of the Pedla identity and graphic assets — honouring their roots, modernising their aesthetic and strengthening brand recognition.

‘The Ortolan team was fantastic to work with. Their process really captured and added dimension to the Pedla brand identity. Although not a full rebrand, our brand elements now feel refreshed, aligned and resolved’.

Justin Abrahams — Co-founder, Pedla