Scott Newett

Interpreting an ethereal photographic series

Tao Ch’ien is photographer Scott Newett’s personal project documenting abandoned spaces in China. His photographs have a distinctly soft, ethereal aesthetic, juxtaposed with Brutalist and military reminders of communist China. He asked us to interpret his work in the design of the exhibition identity and publication.

Our design approach centred around creating a user-experience that enhanced the effect of the work on the viewer. The uneasy dichotomy of abandonment in places of gathering, and soft palettes against Brutalist forms was translated into sparse layouts interspersed with floods of bold colour and strong typography. We partnered with Ball & Doggett to select contrasting uncoated and high-gloss stock to further support the design intent.

The T’ao Ch’ien publication was sold on opening night and for the duration of the exhibition to
raise more than $10,000 for Giant Steps, a specialist school for children with austism.