A human manufacturing story

Ortolan’s work with Laminex has spanned strategic, brand, art direction and design work for a range of mutli-platform commuincations. In 2019, we were also engaged to conceptualise and write treaments for two films about the making of laminate. This would be a new way to engage with audiences, educate around local manufacturing, show the people behind brand and ignite a more human connection with its customers.

Motion production by Sirap

The making of decorated board was shot at the Laminex Ballarat plant, and high-pressure laminate at their Cheltenham factory. At both locations, our creative approach sought to beautify the mechanical nature of large-scale manufacturing, with a simplified sequential narrative showing precise industrial processes and the people who facilitate them.

Both films were housed on the Laminex website, posted on social media, played in-house and at trade show presentations, encouraging a deeper understanding of the process, and an emotional connection to Laminex as a proud Australian manufacturer.